Hello, we are Frank & Rose Kelleher. We have been working with babies and children for over 30 years, Frank as a Paediatric Osteopath and a Director of Nursing Services for Disability and Rose as a Nurse and Midwife and the Manager of our Paediatric Clinic. We are also parents to 4 children.

We have one of the busiest paediatric clinics in Ireland with parents travelling from all over Ireland to see Frank. We see as many babies as we possibly can every week at our clinic, but we know there are so many other babies who need our help. 

Our courses will give you the benefit of all our years of experience treating babies. We want to find a solution for every baby we see at our clinic and over the years we have studied the most common conditions we see in babies in detail, looking for causes, optimum treatment options, new research, and practical solutions. We have combined all this information in these courses so that we can help as many babies (and parents!) as possible.

" I couldn’t recommend Frank & Rose enough they care for the babies just like they are their own."

- Aimee